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This is the scientific library built into the FX-850P/FX-880P. The routines are written in basic and available below.

List of Library Programs for Casio FX-850P/880P

from Manfred Becker ( 2008-02-09

The first column is the Unicode version in Markdown format suitable for viewing, saving and printing online.

The second column is the raw Casio ASCII file - this is the format you can send direct to the FX-850P/FX-880P. Note any special characters won’t display correctly until downloaded and viewed on the FX-850P/FX-880P.

Unicode File Casio ASCII File Size Title
LIB0400.bas LIB0400.bas 2344 Memory And Interface Test Program
LIB0800.bas LIB0800.bas 1196 Download Program
LIB0900.bas LIB0900.bas 4817 Conversion Program
LIB1000.bas LIB1000.bas 1470 Memory Calculations
LIB5010.bas LIB5010.bas 863 Prime Factor Analysis
LIB5020.bas LIB5020.bas 553 Greatest Common Measure/Least Common Multiple
LIB5040.bas LIB5040.bas 1979 Simultaneous Equations (Gauss-Jordan Elimination)
LIB5050.bas LIB5050.bas 1497 Quadratic Equation
LIB5060.bas LIB5060.bas 2414 Cubic Equation
LIB5080.bas LIB5080.bas 1349 Numeric Solution On An Equation (Newton’s Method)
LIB5090.bas LIB5090.bas 1439 Numeric Solution On An Equation (Bisection Method)
LIB5100.bas LIB5100.bas 6368 Matrix Operations
LIB5200.bas LIB5200.bas 1537 Numeric Integration (Romberg’s Method)
LIB5220.bas LIB5220.bas 1502 Ordinary Differential Equation (Runge-Kutta Method)
LIB5230.bas LIB5230.bas 1058 Lagrange’s Interpolation
LIB5250.bas LIB5250.bas 862 Gamma-Function
LIB5260.bas LIB5260.bas 1063 Bessel Function Jn(x)
LIB5270.bas LIB5270.bas 1210 Bessel Function Yn(x)
LIB5280.bas LIB5280.bas 1057 Modified Bessel Function In(x)
LIB5290.bas LIB5290.bas 1472 Modified Bessel Function Kn(x)
LIB5300.bas LIB5300.bas 2557 Complex Number
LIB5350.bas LIB5350.bas 4006 Binary-Decimal-Hexadecimal
LIB5510.bas LIB5510.bas 746 Straight Line Passing Through Two Points
LIB5520.bas LIB5520.bas 487 Two Straight Lines
LIB5530.bas LIB5530.bas 446 Distance Between Point And Straight Line
LIB5540.bas LIB5540.bas 617 Rotational Movement
LIB5550.bas LIB5550.bas 923 Circle Passing Through Three Points
LIB5560.bas LIB5560.bas 1050 Length Of Tangent Lines From A Point To A Circle
LIB5570.bas LIB5570.bas 1912 Tangent Line Equation
LIB5600.bas LIB5600.bas 999 Area Of A Triangle
LIB5605.bas LIB5605.bas 459 Area Of A Trapezoid
LIB5610.bas LIB5610.bas 737 Area Of A Parallelogram
LIB5615.bas LIB5615.bas 334 Area Of A Circle
LIB5620.bas LIB5620.bas 721 Area Of A Sector
LIB5625.bas LIB5625.bas 516 Area Of A Segment
LIB5630.bas LIB5630.bas 417 Area Of A Ellipse
LIB5635.bas LIB5635.bas 826 Area Of A Polygon
LIB5650.bas LIB5650.bas 341 Surface Area Of A Sphere
LIB5655.bas LIB5655.bas 543 Surface Area Of A Zone Of Sphare
LIB5660.bas LIB5660.bas 535 Surface Area Of A Spherical Sector
LIB5665.bas LIB5665.bas 433 Surface Area Of A Circular Cylinder
LIB5670.bas LIB5670.bas 478 Surface Area Of A Circular Cone
LIB5675.bas LIB5675.bas 487 Surface Area Of A Frustum Of A Circular Cone
LIB5700.bas LIB5700.bas 349 Volume Of A Sphere
LIB5705.bas LIB5705.bas 522 Volume Of The Zone Of A Sphere
LIB5710.bas LIB5710.bas 431 Volume Of A Spherical Sector
LIB5715.bas LIB5715.bas 426 Volume Of A Circular Cylinder
LIB5720.bas LIB5720.bas 430 Volume Of A Circular Cone
LIB5725.bas LIB5725.bas 516 Volume Of A Frustum Of A Circular Cone
LIB5730.bas LIB5730.bas 497 Volume Of A Wedge
LIB5735.bas LIB5735.bas 457 Pyramid
LIB5740.bas LIB5740.bas 590 Frustum Of A Pyramid
LIB5745.bas LIB5745.bas 459 Volume Of A Ellipsoid
LIB5750.bas LIB5750.bas 782 Inscribed Circle And Circumscribed Circles Of A Polygon
LIB5760.bas LIB5760.bas 1609 Regular Polyhedron
LIB5800.bas LIB5800.bas 1525 Factorization
LIB5810.bas LIB5810.bas 1986 Trigonometric Functions
LIB5820.bas LIB5820.bas 1815 Differentials
LIB5830.bas LIB5830.bas 1794 Integration
LIB5840.bas LIB5840.bas 2066 Laplace Transformation
LIB5900.bas LIB5900.bas 5385 Periodic Table
LIB5910.bas LIB5910.bas 2791 Scientific Constants
LIB5920.bas LIB5920.bas 1051 Electrolytic Dissotiation Constants
LIB5930.bas LIB5930.bas 1602 Motion And Energy
LIB5932.bas LIB5932.bas 1359 Wave Motion
LIB5934.bas LIB5934.bas 1354 AC & DC Circuits
LIB5936.bas LIB5936.bas 1469 Electric And Magnetic Fields
LIB5938.bas LIB5938.bas 1195 Thermodynamics And Others
LIB5950.bas LIB5950.bas 2103 Metric Conversions For Length
LIB5960.bas LIB5960.bas 1160 Metric Conversions For Area
LIB5970.bas LIB5970.bas 3119 Metric Conversions For Volume
LIB5980.bas LIB5980.bas 1085 Metric Conversions For Weight
LIB6210.bas LIB6210.bas 442 Upper Probability Integrals (Normal Distribution)
LIB6220.bas LIB6220.bas 567 Upper Probability Integrals (x^2 Distribution)
LIB6230.bas LIB6230.bas 564 Upper Probability Integrals (t Distribution)
LIB6240.bas LIB6240.bas 679 Upper Probability Integrals (F Distribution)
LIB6310.bas LIB6310.bas 622 Upper Cumulative Frequency (Binominal Distribution)
LIB6320.bas LIB6320.bas 578 Upper Comulative Frequency (Poisson Distribution)
LIB6330.bas LIB6330.bas 671 Upper Cumulative Frequency (Hypergeometrc Distribution)
LIB6410.bas LIB6410.bas 463 Percentage Point (Normal Distribution)
LIB6420.bas LIB6420.bas 586 Percentage Point (x^2 Distribution)
LIB6430.bas LIB6430.bas 1637 Percentage Point (t Distribution)
LIB6440.bas LIB6440.bas 698 Percentage Point (FDistribution)
LIB6450.bas LIB6450.bas 198 Normal Random Numbers
LIB6460.bas LIB6460.bas 278 Exponential Random Numbers
LIB6500.bas LIB6500.bas 1871 Single Variable Statistic
LIB6510.bas LIB6510.bas 28 Linear Regression Analysis (y=a+bx)
LIB6520.bas LIB6520.bas 28 Logarithmic Regression Analysis (y=a+b lnx)
LIB6530.bas LIB6530.bas 28 Exponential Regression Analysis (y=ab^x)
LIB6540.bas LIB6540.bas 28 Power Regression Analysis (y=ax^b)
LIB6610.bas LIB6610.bas 941 Mean Interval Estimation (For Known Variance)
LIB6620.bas LIB6620.bas 948 Mean Interval Estimation (For Unknown Variance)
LIB6630.bas LIB6630.bas 920 Variance Interval Estimation
LIB6640.bas LIB6640.bas 928 Standard Deviation Interval Estimation
LIB6650.bas LIB6650.bas 1260 Variance Ratio Interval Estimation
LIB6660.bas LIB6660.bas 1339 Mean Difference Interval Estimation
LIB6670.bas LIB6670.bas 748 Ratio Interval Estimation
LIB6680.bas LIB6680.bas 917 Ratio Difference Interval Estimation
LIB6710.bas LIB6710.bas 31 Population Mean Test (two-sided): for known Variance
LIB6711.bas LIB6711.bas 30 Population Mean Test (right-sided): for known Variance
LIB6712.bas LIB6712.bas 30 Population Mean Test (left-sided): for known Variance
LIB6720.bas LIB6720.bas 31 Population Mean Test (two-sided): for unknown Variance
LIB6721.bas LIB6721.bas 30 Population Mean Test (right-sided): for unknown Variance
LIB6722.bas LIB6722.bas 30 Population Mean Test (left-sided): for unknown Variance
LIB6730.bas LIB6730.bas 31 Population Variance Test (two-sided)
LIB6731.bas LIB6731.bas 30 Population Variance Test (right-sided)
LIB6732.bas LIB6732.bas 30 Population Variance Test (left-sided)
LIB6740.bas LIB6740.bas 31 Variance Ratio Test (two-sided)
LIB6741.bas LIB6741.bas 30 Variance Ratio Test (right-sided)
LIB6742.bas LIB6742.bas 30 Variance Ratio Test (left-sided)
LIB6750.bas LIB6750.bas 31 Mean Difference Test (two-sided)
LIB6751.bas LIB6751.bas 30 Mean Difference Test (right-sided)
LIB6752.bas LIB6752.bas 30 Mean Difference Test (left-sided)
LIB6760.bas LIB6760.bas 31 Ratio Test (two-sided)
LIB6761.bas LIB6761.bas 30 Ratio Test (right-sided)
LIB6762.bas LIB6762.bas 30 Ratio Test (left-sided)
LIB6770.bas LIB6770.bas 31 Ratio Difference Test (two-sided)
LIB6771.bas LIB6771.bas 30 Ratio Difference Test (right-sided)
LIB6772.bas LIB6772.bas 30 Ratio Difference Test (left-sided)
LIBK0630.bas LIBK0630.bas 8270 Menu- and Startprogram for the LIB-Programs
LIBM6510.bas LIBM6510.bas 4478 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBM6710.bas LIBM6710.bas 1221 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBM6720.bas LIBM6720.bas 1236 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBM6730.bas LIBM6730.bas 1379 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBM6740.bas LIBM6740.bas 1462 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBM6750.bas LIBM6750.bas 1522 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBM6760.bas LIBM6760.bas 1041 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBM6770.bas LIBM6770.bas 1108 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBS6020.bas LIBS6020.bas 1529 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBS6030.bas LIBS6030.bas 1534 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBS6210.bas LIBS6210.bas 349 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBS6220.bas LIBS6220.bas 413 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBS6230.bas LIBS6230.bas 282 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBS6240.bas LIBS6240.bas 665 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBS6310.bas LIBS6310.bas 222 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBS6320.bas LIBS6320.bas 144 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBS6330.bas LIBS6330.bas 351 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBS6410.bas LIBS6410.bas 377 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBS6420.bas LIBS6420.bas 577 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBS6430.bas LIBS6430.bas 590 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation
LIBS6440.bas LIBS6440.bas 811 Subprogram for Statistic Calculation

©1994 by M.Becker