Mark Wickens

Casio FX-850P/FX-880P Owners Manual

This is a reproduction of the documentation in the Casio FX-850P Owners Manual PDF in Markdown format for easy reference.

Initially it focuses on the parts of the manual that relate to BASIC programming.


  1. Unit Configuration TODO
  2. Fundamental Operation TODO
  3. Calculation Function TODO
  4. Formula Storage Function TODO
  5. Data Bank Function
  6. BASIC Programming
  7. Peripheral Devices
  8. PB-100 Series Compatibility TODO
  9. File Handling Fundamentals TODO
  10. Command Reference
  11. Scientific Library BASIC Reference Only
  12. Appendices
  13. Specifications TODO


A concise language reference:

An application to convert between Casio ASCII and Unicode:

Casio FX-850P