Mark Wickens

Cosmic Fly

The contents of the compressed file are as follows:

Online Viewable File Casio ASCII File Purpose
Readme.txt Readme.txt This file, document in English.
ReadmeJ.txt ReadmeJ.txt Document in Japanese.
Cosmic2.s Cosmic2.s Assembler source code of Cosmic Fly.
clr.b clr.b Expanded clear command for Vx-4/Fx-870p.
CosmicV4.bas CosmicV4.bas Stand-alone distribution for Vx-4/Fx-870p.

Key Function in game:

Key Purpose
EXE Game start
BRK End of game. (break)
0 shoot
4 move left
6 move right


The orignal disribution of Cosmic Fly for FX-870P,VX-4 and VX-3 was done in the PBF format.

It is preferable in the view point of the efficiency of user’s memory of your pocket computers.

However, you must either use an add-in software such as VX-menu or receiver machine-code data via RS-232C after running the loader program. I felt that these somewhat burdensome operations may make barriers to run and play games for beginner users like me, 123. So I built up the stand-alone distribution even though the efficiency of the user’s memory was deteriorated. Moreover, the quick-loader, which was too mysterious to understand for beginners, is rewritten for readability, usability and portability.

How to play

  1. Using PB-1000 Data Communicator, which you can get in “”, you transmit two files of clr.b and CosmicV4.bas to your FX-870P/Vx-4 from your MS Windows machine.

  2. By executing clr.b, extended CLEAR machine-codes to make machine code area is to be installed.

    After the message MODE110(&H18F5) is displayed, execute MODE110(&H18F5),1520 EXE to allocate 1520 bytes for machine code area.

  3. By executing CosmicV4.bas, you can play Cosmic Fly.

    The new quick-loader works as follows:

    • Checking the allocated size of the machine code area, the program is terminated with a warning message if the size is not enough to install.

    • Checking the first 24-byte data in machine code area, the program stops to install the machine and executes the machine codes of Cosmic Fly if the data are identical with those of the loader program.

    • When you want to play again, you may execute Cosmic.bas. If you erase CosmicV4.bas to enlarge user’s memory, execute MODE110(7376) EXE to call machine codes of Cosmic Fly.


  1. After executing an C program in C-language mode, the data of the machine codes of Cosmic Fly is destroyed because C-langugae system uses the work area in the different way.

    Therefore, you need to execute CosmicV4.bas again.